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Why Alberene?

Alberene Soapstone Company has been quarrying and processing soapstone from its vein in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia for over a century. Generations of knowledge have allowed Alberene to become the best in the country at processing these blocks to produce countertop slabs, landscaping materials, and tiles. Our saws and surfacers are specially calibrated specifically for our unique soapstone, allowing us to create natural stone building materials of unmatched quality and beauty.

We also have access to one of the largest supplies of workable architectural grade soapstone in the world and it is arguably superior to its foreign imported cousins in quality. This allows us to offer varieties ranging from light grey to green to dark blue, giving homeowners quality choices to match their specific projects.

Alberene Soapstone is also an incredibly sustainable product. It is a non-emitting, natural stone with a very low carbon footprint that requires no chemicals or adhesives at any point in the extraction and production process.

Click here to learn more about the many qualities that contribute to the sustainability of Alberene soapstone.

Soapstone tiles

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