Countertops & Vanities

Benefits to Homeowners

  • Naturally stain proof.
  • Hot cookware can be placed directly on surface.
  • Unaffected by acids found in many foods.
  • Tolerates strong household cleaners.
  • Does not harbor bacteria.
  • Easily maintained by homeowner, does not require professional maintenance.

Benefits to Installers

  • Gauged to standard thickness.
  • Can be seamed extremely well and discretely.
  • Guaranteed to be free of cracks or water-holding fissures.
  • Does not need to be sealed.
  • Offered in several varieties and hardnesses, which gives the installer options to best suit a particular project.
  • Easily worked with standard woodworking tools, making custom fitting and detailing fast, simple and cost effective.

Request Current Wholesale Price List:
For a current list of our wholesale pricing for professionals and resellers, please contact us at (434) 831-1051.


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