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American Original
American Original is described as “what soapstone should look like” but has not been available. It is the highly-desired blue/gray when natural, and near-black when treated. The veining is creamy and varies from pencil thin to medium for more life. American Original comes from Alberene’s largest quarry, Old Dominion, the first quarry to be reopened in 40 years.

Traditional Dominion
Traditional Dominion is blue/gray with a rich, flowing background. When treated it is a dark gray and the background settles into subtle movement and the veins resemble smooth porcelain. Unlike similar but imported stones, Traditional Dominion has a clean look – neither filmy nor sharp. It is crisp and clear.

Each type of stone is available in three different finishes: gauged, brushed and honed.

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American Original Soapstone
Traditional Dominion Soapstone

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