Material | We offer a selection of attractive soapstone choices.

Church Hill Reserve

The name Church Hill Reserve pays tribute to the place where the soapstone is harvested, a hill in Virginia where a little church is tucked away. Its general coloration is the darkest of any soapstone—we actually call it black soapstone. Most veining tends to be dark too, although white quartzite or calcite veining is rare.

Due to its low talc content, Church Hill Reserve is the hardest North American soapstone available on the market.

Old Dominion

Old Dominion is Alberene’s signature stone. It features more prevalent quartzite, calcite, and talc veins and, in the background, dark mineral dots called “nailheads.”

American Original

This stone, often called “what soapstone should look like,” has not been widely available. In its natural form American Original boasts a highly desired blue/gray color that becomes almost black when treated. The veining is creamy and varies from pencil-thin to medium, for a livelier look.