Patios and pools

Alberene Soapstone in a mortar setting is ideal for exterior applications. Highly temperature-resistant and non-porous, soapstone will not expand and contract like slate and bluestone so there’s no popping out of the mortar or cracking due to temperature extremes.

Available products

  • Pavers at 1.25" thickness
  • Flagstone sold by the pallet
  • Stair treads cut to size
  • Wall caps
  • Benches
  • Bricks (by order, not stocked)
  • Custom-made architectural elements
  • Soapstone withstands great fluctuations in temperature with no expansion or contraction
  • No popping out of settings like bluestone
  • Soapstone is naturally non-absorbent
  • Cannot absorb icemelt or other weather-resisting treatments
  • No spalling from freezing and thawing, unlike concrete and bluestone
  • Low “slip factor,” performing better than other natural materials such as bluestone
  • Resists damage from acids (safe for retail and professional cleaning agents)
  • Gauged to uniform thickness, considerably reducing the time and effort required for a professional uniform installation
  • Alberene can cut stair treads, wall caps and other design elements to size
  • You can sand the edges to soften the look and feel, and to ensure perfectly aligned setting
  • Easily workable for clean cuts, tight fits, and uniform setting

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