Soapstone: The New Definition of Refined Design
Alberene Soapstone slideshow

Soapstone: The New Definition of Refined Design
Alberene Soapstone: Quarried and Milled in Virginia for More Than a Century
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Soapstone is an elegant and sophisticated choice for interior-design elements including countertops, tiling, and radiant flooring. It is also an excellent choice for exterior applications such as patios and pool surrounds. In addition to its aesthetics qualities, soapstone is incredibly well suited for those applications: impenetrable, bacteria resistant, and the best thermal properties of all natural materials.
     Soapstone’s unique properties also make it the best choice for eco-friendly and sustainable building: Alberene does not employ chemical sealants or epoxies to ensure durability.
     Alberene, founded in 1888, is the only remaining producer of American soapstone.  We are proud of heritage and work to honor it by providing the highest quality product and customer service.

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